Forensic Accounting Services

Investigating services to corporates in relation to fraud, bribery, money laundering or financial misconduct

Our professionals at Shan & Co provides forensic accounting services for SME and corporate. Our experienced in conduct an investigation  state-owned entities, financial institutions, and multi-national corporations and other emerging markets.  Our professionals help to generate accurate forensic analysis with their knowledge of relevant regulations and the latest forensic technology.  Our forensic accounting services involves investigation in  fraud, money laundering, bribery, corruption, and other forms of financial misconduct. We generate the forensic reports and evidences which is useful to support both criminal and civil recovery proceedings that act as regulators and law enforcement agencies.

These investigations and findings are confidently used in support of civil and criminal legal actions to ensure obtain accurate investigations and findings. After the investigations and findings, our expert professionals will conduct analysis in forensic audits, financial reporting, internal and external audits and other investigative accounting services. Our professionals will deliver the commercial solutions and recommendations derived from the forensic accounting services to further enhance the effectiveness and clarity to the clients.

The client can used our forensic analysis and evidences in a court of law because of the accuracy of the financial report by our professionals.

Besides, the forensic accounting services can be used for individual or personal support such as settle civil disputes, examining all the assets and debts accumulated during a marriage, and division of assets which often lowering an individual tax liability.