Corporate Finance Services

Funding services, capital structuring, and investment decision to maximize shareholders value

The dynamic economic growth and rapid internationalization of business in Malaysia and Southeast Asia have caused a major increase in M&A activity. In order to achieve growth and diversification, many companies today embark on acquisitions and strategic alliances to access new technologies and markets.

With specialists in almost every area of business, Shan & Co provides advice on:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Disposals
  • Direct foreign investments
  • Management buy-outs and buy-in
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Initial public offerings
  • Equity restructurings
  • FIC applications
  • MIDA & MITI applications
  • Privatisations
  • Bumiputra status companies
  • Power plant consultation


Corporate Finance Services also include structuring transactions, identifying and approaching buyers and sellers, valuing business, understanding due diligence investigations, preparing accountant’s reports, profit forecasts and viability studies, assisting with negotiations, preparing documents and managing transactions.