Audit & Assurance Services

Improving the quality and transparency of information

Shan & Co audit has always provided rigorous analysis, objectivity and independence. Now it has been expanded to look beyond the numbers and focus on key business process to provide you with;

  • Financial advantage
  • Operation advantage
  • Competition advantage

Through audit innovation, we examine not only historical financial performance, but also the current and future business issues confronting your organization. To achieve this, we employ cutting-edge technology and industry-specific knowledge, methodologies and analytic techniques to get to the core of your business. Drawing on our global knowledge, we also evaluate your organisation’s performance against international best practices. This way we not only alert you to the problem ahead, but we also help you to:

  • Identify business opportunities
  • Manage today’s increasingly volatile financial and business risks
  • Handle accelerated change in global markets, technologies and business process


An audit is therefore not an end- but a beginning. It is the starting point from which you begin the transformation of your business.